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First Years Maternal Health provides in-home occupational therapy services to women of all ages, and children from birth-5 years old. We specialize in taking a holistic approach to support pre and postnatal women with their physical and mental wellness surrounding birth. We also empower parents to nurture their child's development through play and sensory regulation. For more information about our offerings, please visit our Services page!

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"I can't begin to express how amazing Morgan is to work with at First Years Maternal Health! I thought my pelvic floor dysfunction was normal, and something I never sought treatment about before. Now that I am planning on having children, I was worried this problem would amplify if I didn't do something about it now. Within one short consultation, Morgan was able to identify where my issues developed from, and created a unique treatment plan specific to my needs. In addition I suffer from chronic tension headaches and learned through Morgan's expertise how these problems are interconnected. I spent years going to chiropractors and only found temporality relief. First Years Maternal Health gets to the root of the problem, creating lasting results. Morgan identified my body's incorrect compensation to a previous surgery, which affected my posture, breathing, abdominal muscles, and pelvic floor function which resulted in chronic headaches and a weak pelvic floor.  After a few short weeks of working with Morgan, I no longer have headaches, and I can laugh without fear of needing to run to the bathroom. My favorite thing about working with Morgan is that she takes a holistic approach to treatment, and places a strong emphasis on mental wellness to aid with physical healing. Whether you are a new mother, expecting mother, or haven't had children yet, First Years Maternal Health can help you either correct pelvic floor dysfunction, or prevent common (but abnormal) problems from occurring!"

--27 year old female, no children